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Casting Director

Success is no stranger to Thea Washington, as a top casting director she is redefining black representation on TV, “casting is my subtle form of activism. I’m intentionally representing minorities and women as doctors, lawyers, or judges. I feel it's my responsibility to make sure I do my part in correcting the false narrative”. But all success stories start somewhere, Thea was born and raised ‘ova east’ in Northeast, Baltimore, “I have been faced with adversity in real life, so any challenges in my career seem like a cake walk”. Growing up in Baltimore gave her the drive to make it, “When you love people who have suffered at the hands of gun violence, addiction, systematic oppression, you have a different type of drive. It's almost as if you have to make it for yourself and others.” Washington shared. When she is not on set you can find Thea working for Camp Good Life, a philanthropic organization that helps children in Baltimore and DC explore the film making industry.

To me AFRAM is a class reunion mixed with a family reunion sprinkled with food and good music.