Owner of Power Decals

Reclaiming my time and my nail art! Charlotte James is the owner of Power Decals a water-soluble decal company in Baltimore. She is working to reclaim nail art through decals that focus on black and brown culture. “We do things like Kente cloth, wax prints, we even have Michelle Obama and Maxine Waters decals. We are trying to create a space for more representation in the nail art world”. Through Power Decals, Charlotte hopes to remind people of the history of nail art in America. “Nail art was pioneered by black and brown women, you think of hip hop culture in the 80s, 90s and Flo-Jo when she won the Olympics people had more things to say about her nails as opposed to her achievements”. Charlotte is excited about the future of nail art. In the last few years, there has been an upward trend of nails becoming a big business for artists and technicians. “It is great to see the way people use social media to uplift nail business owners. Women working neighborhood salons are now doing celebrity nail art, it is really amazing”. As her business grows keeping Power Decals in Baltimore was important to Charlotte, “Baltimore is a very DIY city". Through artist collaborations and she hopes to continually collaborate with local black artists for new custom decals, "No one else was doing nail decals. It was a different way to represent the beauty of black culture ”.

we are a majority-black city, so AFRAM is such an incredible way to showcase the creatives and entrepreneurs in our city