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Landing in Baltimore over eight years ago, Alysha January or as most know her, Discover Charm City, has been deep-diving into Baltimore’s food, fashion and event scene and highlighting all the things that make this city amazing. “I just want to help people feel connected to the place they choose to work, live, and play”. Although not from Baltimore, Alysha credits the city as being the guided hand that has helped develop herself and her business, “Baltimore has been instrumental in my growth. I don’t think I would have been able to flourish the way that I have organically in any other city than Baltimore. Baltimore is such a special place”. As an influencer and blogger, it is important to Alysha to ensure that she uses her platform to uplift local black artists and businesses, “I love bragging about my people and all the cool things that black creatives are doing around the city-black excellence is real in Baltimore”.

AFRAM Festival is a celebration. A place for people to come together, enjoy our culture, and the unique spirit of Baltimore.