Owner of Treason Toting Company & Bushelers of Baltimore

#WestSideCertified and making moves, Aaron Jones is a businessman born and bred in Baltimore City. As the CEO of Treason Toting Company and Bushelers of Baltimore, Aaron attributes his family’s history as the basis of his success. “My grandparents moved to Baltimore from North Carolina during the Great Migration…they opened a business in their neighborhood to support our family. They were arabbers, barbers, roof tar men and seamstresses, all which I am extremely proud of. They played a major role in Baltimore’s black culture. Today, I own my businesses for this same reason”. Aaron is also interested in reinvigorating a part of Baltimore’s industry that has been lost for decades—textiles, “I’m reintroducing a trade that has been a huge industry in Baltimore City since the 50’s and 60’s, but with a twist.” By owning his businesses in Baltimore he hopes to show kids that you can be expressive and creative and still be successful. There is no one path to success. Aaron is excited by the business boom that has happened over the last few years, “we’re opening businesses again but more united than ever before, Baltimore’s black community is walking forward, locking arms and have so much more to accomplish”.

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